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Free White Paper: 10 Keys to Unlocking Health System Growth

Looking for new ways to grow your organization?

This white paper outlines successful healthcare marketing techniques healthcare professionals can use to unlock health system growth.


You will walk away with a plan to...

  • Consistently increase patient volumes by multiples over time.
  • Build a tracking and accountability foundation that sets the stage for referral growth.
  • Base health system expansion on actionable data and prior, real-world patient volume and revenue results.
  • Deploy data driven healthcare marketing communications that are relevant to a health consumer's situation so they are highly motivated to respond.


In today’s Big Data environment that places a premium on health consumer wants and experiences, health systems must aggregate oceans of information and turn them into actionable insights. This capability is critical to finding the right health consumers for your health system and converting them into valuable patients and promoters of your service lines.

Actionable insights are equally crucial to collecting patient experience feedback, applying that feedback to improve offerings and the patient journey, and measuring health consumer acquisition and engagement results against growth goals. Health systems effectively leveraging this approach realize 23:1 ROI and over $700,000 in profit over a five-month period.


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