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Free eBook: 3 Ways to Increase Fundraising Results

Interested in launching a successful direct mail campaign for your non-profit or increasing return on investment on your current annual fundraising appeal?

This eBook will outline non-profit marketing strategies that will help you stand out and show that your cause is worthy of a donor's time, attention, and money.


You will walk away with...

This eBook will help you keep current donors active, and effectively acquire new donors.


Non-profits spend a lot of time raising money to fund their important programs. There are a number of different ways to achieve funding, such as applying for grants, soliciting large donations from individuals and/or companies and utilizing direct mail to make an ask to a larger number of donors and non-donors.

Leveraging a direct mail campaign, commonly referred to as an Annual Fund, allows an organization to make a case for the needed funds and multiple ways to donate. But it is not that simple. You are fighting against other organizations soliciting donations and shorter attention spans from your donors & prospects.



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