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Free White Paper: 5 Ways to Drive New Patient Growth

Looking for a new approach to acquiring and retaining new patients?

This white paper is designed to help data driven healthcare marketers excel in these areas.


You will walk away with...

This white paper will leave you with ways to achieve this type of ongoing health system growth and drive new patient growth by identifying ideal health consumers in their service areas, communicating with personalized impact, converting them into valuable patients, and nurturing them into promoters of their service lines.


As a health system marketing executive, you are operating in a complex, fee-for-value environment where new health consumer acquisition, current patient engagement, and a stellar patient experience are primary measures of success. To excel in these areas, you will need to identify ideal health consumers in your service areas, communicate with personalized impact, convert them into valuable patients, and nurture them into promoters of your service lines. This is critical to growing a health system long-term.

To accomplish this, you will need segmented, one-to-one, multi-channel communications executed through one platform, and the means to measure ROI both holistically and at a granular level. This must be supported by the capability to identify health consumers that need intervention and automate communications with patients and their physicians through data-driven engagement. Health systems effectively leveraging this approach can realize 23:1 ROI and over $700,000 in profit over a five-month period.


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