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Get Your Copy of "Achieving Personalization Through Variable Data Messaging"

Is your focus on getting more intimate with customers to provide a great shopping experience and develop loyal relationships?

This eBook outlines how variable data messaging achieves better direct mail response rates & increases customer lifetime value.


You will walk away with...

The eBook will leave you with new ways to target your customers as well as ways to save money by spending less with variable data printing.


One of the biggest issues facing marketers is a lack of understanding of what1:1 marketing means today and how to build it into an existing omnichannel strategy.

1:1 marketing is delivering a specific message to a specific person as opposed to a generic message sent to a demographic or group of people. There is too much variability even within a demographic to count on your message resonating throughout. Your message has to go to an individual person based on what they like and how they want to be communicated to.



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