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How to Use Casino Data to Impact Direct Mail Response


Looking to get more from your customer data?

This eBook is designed to help casino marketers reinvent the formula in how data is used within a casino's direct mail marketing mix.


You will walk away with...

This eBook will leave you with actionable insights on using the data you already have to dramatically impact response rates and revenue management.  


Casino marketers spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars collecting expensive third party data to help drive their business and marketing decisions without realizing that all the data needed to keep existing revenue growing and drive new revenue opportunities is already in front of them: right inside their current database.

As a casino marketer, you recognize the importance of maintaining data on players’ activities and projected value, and use this data to identify which players should receive what offers. As today’s gaming environment grows increasingly competitive, your organization may be forced to explore new opportunities to engage your loyal patrons. The good news is that the answers you need are right within your customer database.