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One meeting. No obligation.

If growing your donor base and increasing current donor gift size by talking to your donors in a way that other non-profits are not sounds interesting to you, the next step is to schedule a 45-minute meeting to do a Fit-Assessment.

What is a Fit-Assessment?

This is our process to determine whether or not Compu-Mail can help you secure a business advantage over your customers. If we find we are a great fit, we can begin moving forward. If not, we will try to find a resource that is better suited for your needs.

Who Should I Bring to the Fit-Assessment?

  • Business Owner: We need to have the business level stakeholder involved when we perform this level of assessment because we need to talk about their business objectives, and how the initiative impacts their business or operational competitiveness. In other words, how they will make or save more money.
  • Business User: We also need to have a user-level representation involved because we need to discuss technical aspects involving capability, usability, and reliability.
  • Person Responsible for Finance: We need to have procurement involved because cost is involved, and we want to be sure that what needs to be done can be done at a fair market price.
**If these three stakeholders are not involved, the Fit-Assessment takes a severe loss in terms of effectiveness. We will need all of these disciplines in the room when we meet.

What Will Happen Next?

We’ll take the data from the conversation and build a specific proposal to present back to you in approximately 3-4 days. We’ll need the same people in the room for that report.


See if we can help you get donors to donate to your cause more often and spend more when they do.